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  The Largey Farm in Raynham is where most of the animals are raised.  Poultry is our number one product.   We handle everything from start to finish.  We raise our own flock, process them humanely, package them safely, and bring them to market where we can share our passion of respectful husbandry and tasty food.


  1. Brian Patrolia says:

    Hello! I got my first rabbit from you at SOWA Open Market last Sunday (24th) and have been anxious to cook it all week. Being my first time, I decided to stew it since stews are a bit more forgiving if do a bad job cutting it up. I found this video on YouTube and it was just the right instruction for someone who owns a good knife, but is not a butcher or chef. Not hard to do at all.

    Right out of the vacuum seal, the rabbit smelled fresh and looked beautiful. I jointed it as described in the video and made my own version of cacciatore… it is absolutely delicious!! Thanks for such a great quality meat. (Love the eggs too). Hope to catch you in the weeks to come for a chicken or two.


    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for your post. I would love to learn more about the way you prepared your rabbit. If you would post the Youtube video here I’m sure the rest of my customers would appreciate it.

      thanks again,

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