Processing Photos

These pictures take you through a typical day of poultry processing at

Grouse Ridge Farms.



In this photo you see mature Cornish Cross chickens in the transport trailer.  These birds are six weeks old, very healthy, and very clean.

tad at cones


In this photo, birds are placed in stainless steel cones and bled out.  The process takes less than thirty seconds.  This element of the processing is done in a calm and quiet way.  We strive to treat our birds with respect from day one till this day.  Every thing is done in a humane and honorable way.

mattatpluckerBirds are then placed in a scalder.  This process loosens the skin so that the feathers can be plucked efficiently and thoroughly.

MattTadpluckerOnce the birds are removed from the plucker, you can see how clean they are.  The only feathers left are some tail feathers.  These are easily removed by hand.

eviserationroomThis is a picture of our evisceration room.  In this area all of the entrails are removed from the birds and inspected for cleanliness.  You will see a trash can filled with ice water next to Taylor.  Once the birds have been prepared, they must be chilled to 40 degrees.

documentingIn order to provide safe and healthy food, documentation is done from start to finish.  Here Emma is logging in temperatures of the birds from the different ice baths in the cooler.  All chickens must reach an internal temperature of 40 degrees within four hours to be considered safe to sell.

baggingOnce the temperature of the birds hits the 40 degree mark its time to dry and package the finished product.



We are very proud of the way we raise our animals at Grouse Ridge Farm.  Everything possible has been done to ensure the best possible product sits before you and your family.  We are responsible for our products from start to finish.






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